What is a TEDx event like?

Hello, I’m Sarah. My husband and I applied for a TEDx license 1 year ago. Since then we’ve had a great time organizing this event along with our team, Ruth Caddy and Gabrielle K. We have an amazing team who have such skills and talents that this event has been able to become a reality.

For those of you who have been to conferences for work, you’ll be reassured by the registration table at the door and the name tag placards.

TEDx is essentially a conference.

What it does differently is all of the speakers are locals talking about ideas which are unique to the community. A TEDx event is engineered for collaboration and the sharing of ideas to be at the center of the event. This is why TEDx has grown so rapidly and spread around the globe in a short 6 years.

Upon mentioning that Troy and I were applying for a TEDx license, one of my closest friends, who I knew was a TED fan, replied “Nobody in Darwin is worth watching.”

That stung a bit. But I realized that it was probably true. When you think of TED, one’s mind typically wanders over to inventors of disruptive technologies, UN ambassadors and survivors of genocides with emotionally resonant messages.

A licence for TEDxPalmerston? One time when we first arrived, I asked a colleague for a ride home. This person had lived in the Darwin region and had not once traveled to Palmerston. 13 years! I asked him why he had never traveled to Palmerston. His response, “I never had a reason.” Ouch.

So for not only someone to apply for a TEDx event in Darwin, which by the way have been excellently run and curated by the Schoolmeesters, but for TEDxPalmerston? C’mon!

But the beauty of TEDx is in it’s ability to bring together folks from all across different industries, finance, researchers, and stay-at-home mothers, to listen and engage with local thought leaders. People who live where you live and care about the same things you do. TEDx gives these local folks who are making differences in their community, speaker coaching, and 18 mins to share their idea.

Moreover, enjoy the breaks and hopefully walk away with some new friends that you made while having the most interesting conversation you’ve had in a long time while making handmade pretzels or Thai Spring Rolls or sipping tea in our Space bar while watching a livestream of the International Space Station.

We have great speakers speaking at TEDxPalmerston. Their qualifications rival any other TEDx speaker speaking at TEDxMelbourne or TEDxSydney. But they have messages meaningful to the Territory.  Come and get inspired.

Book today: Meet our Neighbours: https://www.universe.com/events/tedxpalmerston-meet-our-neighbours-tickets-howard-springs-5PR96

Sarah Harkin

Organiser and Primary Licensee