Meet our Neighbours: Inaugural 2015 Event

Meet our Neighbours was the inaugural independently organised and licensed TEDx event in Palmerston. TEDx helps community members spread ideas worth sharing. Click to learn more about TED and TEDx.

Saturday 10 October, the community got energized and inspired by speakers at TEDxPalmerston 2015: Meet our Neighbours.

A unforgettable half-day conference which blended TEDx talks and performances from our local community. Tucker breaks were designed to keep ideas flowing where attendees had a chance to participate in exploratory sessions such as DIY Chinese Dumplings, tinkering in makerspaces or just enjoy the vibes with live music.

Meet our Neighbours:

Shael Martin

Director of Territory Wildlife Park


Being Human Versus Being Humane: What is the difference between being human and being humane? In this talk Shael explains the danger of only caring about the “cute” animals. She argues that since humans are given the gift of free-will, should we use it in a way that treats animals humanely? Shael outlines the many benefits for Palmerston and the NT  if we challenge ourselves to be humane.

Nathan Gore Brown

NT Area Manager, Hastings Deering CAT


The Importance of Different: Is being different good or bad? He explains how finding your different can become someone’s strength. He draws from his experience marketing in both the fast-paced luxury automotive and competitive heavy machinery industry. This bloke knows a thing or two about what makes things work. Nathan shows us how we can turn a weakness into a strength. How can we find the different in others and help them be a corker?


Bennie Lew Fatt

Sport Legend, Entrepreneur, Historian


How Many Years does it take to Become a Territorian?  What does born and bred Territorian really mean? How Many Years does it take to Become a Territorian? What does born and bred Territorian really mean? Bennie is the eldest of 10 siblings in a family that has been apart of the Territory for generations. He is known for his sporting
accomplishments in Footy and Basketball amongst other endeavors. Bennie shares his unique perspective, blending Chinese and Aboriginal ancestry. His message of inclusion and belonging is very powerful.

Dr. Andrew Spiers

Lecturer, Charles Darwin University

BAndrewuilding homes built for the NT. Should we build homes to suit our Teritorrian environment? This is the story of the Spiers’ unexpected journey while building their NT home. Andrew is a master storyteller and brings their experience from getting approval for their unique designs to finding building strategies to bring their dream home to reality. His breaks down what is really needed when building structures that are really built NT tough.

Roz Rowen

Linguist, Charles Darwin University


Speakin’ Territorian What makes us sound Territorian? A really entertaining talk about the local colloquialisms.

Roz Rowen is a linguist working in the fields of semantics and pragmatics. Her research interests are social interaction and Australian English.  She is currently a lecturer in Academic language and learning at Charles Darwin University. Originally from QLD she is now a proud Territorian.

Paul Lyons

Science Outreach Coordinator, Charles Darwin University


Sippin’ on Science. Fancy an afternoon sess? Find out why Science isn’t daggy. Can a better understanding of science help communities make better decisions? This passion to make Science more accessible has fueled his career as a Science teacher, Manager of Education at CSIRO and Science Outreach Coordinator at CDU. His mission to help more Territorians become more engaged with Science is inspiring, one sip at a time.

Meet our Neighbors Flier A3


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